Al-Andaleeb Company provides storage services and our policy in the storage process includes:

Material keeping: It is the tasks of storing and arranging goods in warehouses from entering the warehouse to dispensing them.

Preservation of materials: taking care of stored materials from damage and ensuring their safety and viability for use according to the conditions followed in the method of storing them.

Our missions

  1. Review the receipt of the materials to be stored.
  2. Ensure that the items are inside the store according to the required quantities.
  3. Preserve the goods from loss or damage.
  4. Arrange the areas allocated for storage inside the warehouse.
  5. Reducing storage costs and space utilization.
  6. Monitor the workers inside the store in terms of attendance, departure and good appearance.
  7. Coordinating the work of securing the warehouse and safety methods.
  8. Working on the availability of transport vehicles to deliver goods to the required destinations.
  9. Provision of raw materials to the production department

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