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Air Freight

ZOLCOL Logistics provides integrated Air Freight services that include air cargo transportation, custom clearance and international deliveries through a vast network of agents across the globe through its affiliation to Worldwide Logistics Network and Handpicked Partners in various Countries.

Sea Freight

Apart from Air Freight, we also offer efficient Sea Freight services to our esteemed clientele through accurate information on vessels, accumulated know-how and profound experience. Selecting the most practical and viable of the available services with minimum transit time

Land Freight

We provides Land Transportation Solutions for its Clients tailored made to suit their requirements whether it is Less than a Truck-Load (LTL) or Full Truck Load (FTL). A lot of cargo moves over-land to destinations in other upper Gulf Countries in this region especially Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain.

Welcome to ZOLCOL Cargo l.l.c

ZOLCOL Logistics Shipping Company is one of the leading companies in Dubai, UAE. We provide integrated services that meet all the requirements of your cargo, our primary goal is the complete satisfaction of the customer by providing specialized services that make our company the best place that provides all the shipping services that your cargo needs.

We believe that we will deliver what the customer requires at any time he wants and at an appropriate cost is not just something we are looking forward to achieving, but rather something necessary in our work.

We believe that we will provide reliable and steadfast service with thoughtful costs which is the key to success, so we keep a constant knowledge of developments and the economic situation of the market throughout the year, which helps us to set appropriate prices for our services, so that we remain in constant contact with our customers to inform them of these changes and make best offers which depend on the shipping area and several other factors.

ZOLCOL Logistics
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